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Helen Helen

Hello, dear furniture manufacturers!

I enjoy using your products for many years. It's time to update. And again I want to purchase your suite for the living room & Vitovt and bedroom & quot; Virginia & quot; for their children. I went to the Minsk company store. A very pleasant impression was made by the store's employees. They tried to help in the choice, to give details. But there is one small disadvantage - the store does not have a 3D program. And it is difficult to plan the set and arrangement of furniture for the area of ​​the room. Furniture is not cheap, and dragging it back and forth is not a great pleasure.

Therefore, please, in order to increase sales and for the convenience of buyers, please provide a store in Minsk with a program that allows you to present a set of furniture in a three-dimensional space.

Elena Stepanovna

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